bmw president visits mind optoelectronics shanghai r & d office to look forward to the prospect of deep cooperation-pg电子试玩


on august 1st, bmw vice president jochen kopp, senior purchasing manager schauperl bettina and others visited mind optoelectronics shanghai r & d office.


conference communication

allen, director of product strategy and colleagues in mind, had a warm reception and gave a comprehensive introduction to mind's company situation, product roadmap, innovation direction and user experience research.

bmw expressed high recognition for mind's products and research and development, and expressed strong interest in mind's mini-led taillights and projection lamps. 

bmw was also impressed by mind optoelectronics' research on user experience, and said that it has a deeper understanding of users' real and comprehensive needs for headlight technology, through the introduction of mande optoelectronics. i feel the new potential and value that headlight technology will bring in the automotive field in the future.


product display

at the end of the visit, bmw leaders clearly expressed the hope that both parties can maintain close communication and hope to further explore the direction and depth of cooperation through the cooperation of spotlight project.

allen, director of product strategy for mind optoelectronics, expressed the hope to jointly develop more innovative products and solutions to bring a better experience to users.

in the future, mind optoelectronics will continue to promote the development of optoelectronics technology and provide better technical support and services for partners with more enthusiasm and efforts.