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mind optoelectronics x 2023ale

september 21-22 shanghai automotive exhibition center

welcome to booth t235

the 18th 2023 automotive lighting industry development technology forum

the 9th shanghai international automotive lighting exhibition (ale)

the grand opening will take place from september 21st to 22nd

mind electronic appliances co., ltd. baoding optoelectronics branch

carrying numerous innovative technological achievements under its umbrella

meet you in shanghai, manda, and the future with a brand new attitude


mind optoectronice

mind electronics co., ltd. baoding optoelectronics branch (referred to as mind optoelectronics) is a mature manufacturer and design solution provider of car lamp assemblies in china, with strong design, research and development, and manufacturing capabilities. it can comprehensively supply various products and fully meet the diverse needs of customers. our main business products include front lights, tail lights, interior and exterior small lights, modules and drivers, standardized led lenses, etc。

mind optoelectronics is highly trusted by oem customers and currently has customers such as jaguar land rover, bmw mini, stellantis, chery, zhiji, kia, great wall, hezhong, and kaiyi, and the number is rapidly increasing. mind optoelectronics has always been customer-oriented, empowered by technological innovation, and continuously provides high-quality products with industry competitiveness.

introduction to some exhibited products

01.shining star chain

shining star chain


taking inspiration from the "star chain", the designer of mind optoelectronics uses the magic cube module to achieve an integrated matrix of signal and lighting through nine optical lenses. the lens head size is only 20mm * 25mm, which takes up less space and can be freely arranged and combined to better achieve different lighting functions such as low beam, high beam, daytime running lights, position lights, and ambient lights.

02.isd rear lamp

isd rear lamp

the application of a small full-color rgb led array combination to form a pixelated interactive screen can achieve tail light signal interaction, chinese and english character display, as well as new pixelated customized images; it can provide creative space for the overall vehicle design and create a unique visual experience in terms of appearance. the led array interactive screen uses hundreds to thousands of tiny led backlights to provide excellent local dimming characteristics, ensuring high brightness while maintaining low efficiency and low heat generation.

03.miniled rear lamp

miniledrear lamp

millimeter level led array, ultra-low pixel spacing, high-definition resolution, full-color image display

in conjunction with vehicle intelligence, rich intelligent driving assistance and human-vehicle/vehicle interaction functions can be achieved through visual and visual effects

customizable high-definition image display, combined with the driving scene of the entire vehicle, to build an exclusive light ability field and meet personalized expression needs

the rear lamp area adopts innovative laser engraving and spraying technology to enhance the overall exquisite perception level of the rear lamp

mind's self-developed platform based control system and creative modeling design can provide customized solutions for customers.

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welcome to the 2023 shanghai international automotive lighting exhibition mind optoelectronics exhibition area

mind optoelectronics exhibition area

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september 21-22
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shanghai automotive exhibition center