mind optoelectronics wins 2023 cutting-pg电子试玩


mind optoelectronics' "waist drum" taillight has been awarded the 2023 innovative product (cutting-edge category) by the automotive lighting research institute. this prestigious honor is a testament to our innovative spirit and product excellence, and it marks our outstanding achievement in the field of automotive lighting.


judge's insightful comments:

·        with the rising competitiveness of chinese automotive brands, domestic models are rapidly gaining ground in the global market. as the "eyes" and focal point of a vehicle, automotive lighting carries the industry's and nation's mission to integrate chinese culture and achieve cultural export. we pay the highest tribute to mind's innovative "tang music waist drum" taillight.

·        the application of flexible fiber-optic technology in automotive lighting enhances the artistic lines, layering, and texture of the lights. when paired with artistic designs, it significantly elevates the user experience. flexible fiber optics are lightweight, cost-effective, flexible in shaping and placement, and can be synchronized with music to create intelligent welcome light functions, offering enormous market potential.

·        it's refreshing to see that while flexible fiber optics are already widely used in interior ambient lighting, there are still many structural challenges in their application in taillights. new application scenarios will undoubtedly pave the way for numerous innovative designs. we look forward to seeing more creative designs emerge from talented designers based on this technology.


the "waist drum" taillight draws inspiration from the imagery of the "tang music waist drum" and utilizes a flexible fiber-optic solution to achieve a three-dimensional "waist drum" shape for the taillight, which serves as a signaling function. additionally, it integrates the following features:

1.     besides its signaling capabilities, it incorporates music synchronization, welcome, and farewell functions.

2.     transparent waist drum-shaped fixtures are used to secure the fiber optics, creating a stunning floating illumination effect.

3.     through thoughtful functional design and a newly developed, in-house fiber-optic coupling solution, the fiber-optic section incorporates led lighting sources. its unique lighting effect imbues the vehicle with a distinctive and stylish ambiance.

this honor is a resounding endorsement of our dedication to research and development and our relentless pursuit of excellence. we will continue to strive and bring more breathtaking innovations to the automotive lighting industry.