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the expression form of technology is one important factor for products to touch people. mind optoelectronic engineers break the consistent "static" design of headlamps. with the inspiration of rare palaeobios styling, mind firstly create technical solution for spiral movement in headlamps-- nautilus headlamp, which realizes innovate and intelligent upgrade for traditional lighting mode!

nautilus headlamp and nautilus

mind optoelectronics leading

movable and bionic technology

technical description: integrate spiral opening and closing and movable lens in nautilus, the first movable and bionic lighting system. the nautilus mechanism realizes the revealing and covering of lb/hb lens through the rotatable opening and closing that is similar to the camera shutter. meanwhile, the shielding blades of nautilus rotate to send out light, participating in the welcoming ceremony of the whole vehicle.

nautilus headlamp

application scenarios introduction

nautilus mechanism is applied to automotive headlamps, and placed in front of module lens.

when the vehicle is stationary, the blades of the nautilus mechanism are closed, covering module lens behind;

when the vehicle is unlocked, nautilus blade glows and participates in the welcome light in the complete lamp;

after the welcome ceremony is over, the motor drives the nautilus blade to rotate for opening, revealing the module lens behind, and lb/hb can work normally;

when the vehicle is locked, the nautilus blades rotate and close, blocking the hb&lb lenses at the rear, and lighting up to participate in the welcome light.

during the whole process from turning on to turning off, it is one process of a lighting and rotating blade from opening to closing, and the styling is very beautiful. what’s more, it can also meet the lighting demands of different scenarios, such as urban driving, off-road/adverse weather driving, and high-speed driving. it is a perfect combination of beautiful styling and diversified performance.

nautilus headlamps break through the thinking inertia of static design of lamps, which lays the foundation for the diversification of headlamp styling, and provides customers with more solutions for future headlamp design.4