high resolution graphic interaction rear lamp-pg电子试玩


breakthrough of traditional lighting function to enhance the dimension of signal lighting, and explore the new resonance between pedestrian and vehicle.


industry 1st automotive grade miniled interactive rear light


industry 1st automotive grade miniled display screen, using "millimeter dot matrix light control" technology, combines miniled with traditional rear lamps to achieve high-definition custom smart screen display and attach creativity to extreme technology to reconstruct lamp signals interaction.


core technology and design innovation

millimeter grade led array, ultra-low pixel distance, high definition resolution, colorful image display;

with the intellectualization of complete vehicle, through the visual effect of image, rich functions of intelligent driving assistance and pedestrian / vehicle interaction can be realized.

customizable high-definition graphic display, combined with complete vehicle driving scene, to build an exclusive light and energy field to meet the needs of personalized expression.

rear lamp area adopts innovative laser engraving spraying process to improve the overall quality perception level of rear lamp.

mind self-developed platform control system and creative styling design can provide customized solutions for customers.


scenarios experience innovation

colorful display with high-definition pixels; rich intelligent driving assistance, personalized theme entertainment interactive scenarios; supporting the application of vehicle interactive display, intuitively reminding other road participants to pay attention to driving safety.


starting status

congestion ahead

battery status  

comforting mode

sport mode



exquisite laser engraving process

exquistite laser carving technology in miniled to realize vivid 3d patterns, industry leading level in engraving density, lit appearance or spraying process!

in non-lit status, the surface of the parts is treated by colorful painting process, which not only improves the appearance of the lamps, but also sets off the whole vehicle with more advanced sense.

in lit status, exquisite level of laser engraving in automotive lamps can be more reflected to show touching exquisite feeling of the product!


chinese ancient bronzes dragon pattern


lit appearance of laser engraving area


free creativity definition from "demands"

mind optoelectronic high-resolution graphical interactive rear lamp, supported by mature technology and process, which can provide customers with customized services for overall appearance of rear lamps and display animation, so that every creativity and demand become from imagination to reality.

theme customization case:

cyber chinese ancient bronzes dragon

inspired by the dragon pattern on the bronze ware and the steampunk mecha, it is digitally evolved and presented in a geometric way to form a cyber bronzes dragon with the organic integration of chinese culture and future technology.



possess exclusive cartoon character ip "bronzes dragon doll"

•customizable animation scheme design


video presentation

2. sar

creative customizable intelligent display in sar miniled rear lamps, which has 96000 leds and integrates 288000 sub-pixels. sar can become one emotional mecha vehicle with strong technical support.




mind optoelectronics takes advantage of science and technology innovation to provide the platform for demand and innovation, and make every effort to promote the development of automotive lighting industry in the future.