mind optoelectronics holds hyundai-pg电子试玩


conference communication

from july 9 to 10, mind optoelectronics held mind optoelectronics tech day exchange activity at hyundai-kia r&d center in yantai.


field communication

this technical exchange, mind optoelectronics presented many advanced products and technologies, attracting hyundai-kia leaders and numerous functional engineers to visit and communicate on the site.


hyundai-kia leaders visit

hyundai-kia leaders highly affirmed technical strength and innovation strength of mind optoelectronics, and said that in the process of collaboration, its rapid response to demand, high-level cooperation and other high-quality services were impressing.

both parties also jointly expressed the wish that on the basis of current collaboration, we will continue to explore in depth and use better technologies and products to meet consumers' demand for high-quality and high-performance automotive and lighting.

mind optoelectronics will continue to strengthen technological innovation, continue to launch better products and solutions to meet the demands of kia and other partners, provide customers with higher quality and more advanced products, and make unremitting efforts for the progress and innovation in the industry.