mind optoelectronics appeared at the car lamp club industry summit forum and delivered a speech-pg电子试玩


on august 24th, mind optoelectronics attended the industry summit forum of the car lamp club and delivered a speech titled "integration plan of front headlight lighting function and style".

zeng xin's live speech

with the continuous development and evolution of the design of car headlights, the front headlight lighting module is facing a dilemma, which is the contradiction between the limited space of the front headlight design, the demand for lighting signal light design, and the demand for high-performance intelligent lighting. faced with this problem, mind optoelectronics bravely innovated, broke free from constraints, and designed a unified aesthetic front headlight solution - star chain headlights.

unified beauty preschool headlights - star chain headlights

mind optoelectronics integrates high beam, low beam, ambient light, turn signal, daytime light, and position light into one. while ensuring high performance and intelligence of the product, it can bring a high degree of flexibility to the design, fully meeting the design needs of aesthetic design.

the core of unified beauty preschool headlamps - "star chain cube"

the true chapter can be seen in every detail, and the powerful product power of star chain headlights lies in the powerful core. whether it's lighting performance, intelligence, or optical structure design and optical component processing, each one showcases excellence and craftsmanship.

mind optoelectronics will continue to devote itself to technological innovation and strive to promote the development of the automotive lighting industry.