2023ale | craftsmanship strength, innovating the future-pg电子试玩


on september 21st, mind optoelectronics made its debut at the 9th shanghai international automotive lighting exhibition (ale), becoming the focus of the event with outstanding products and technological strength

hossein nafari, general manager of mind optoelectronics, was invited to attend the opening ceremony

at the exhibition, mind optoelectronics carefully arranged multiple products, attracting countless professional visitors to stop and appreciate.mind optoelectronics products continuously improve in technology, strive for excellence in quality, and have unique craftsmanship in design. countless viewers have highly praised the innovative design and excellent performance of mind optoelectronics, and the on-site communication atmosphere is very enthusiastic.

numerous oem customers have also given high praise to the products of mind optoelectronics, expressing appreciation for their technological and innovative capabilities. through this exhibition, the relationship between mind optoelectronics and its host factory customers has been further strengthened and deepened.

this exhibition not only showcased the technological strength and outstanding car light products of mind optoelectronics, but also further consolidated their relationship through in-depth exchanges with numerous host manufacturers. in the future, mind optoelectronics will continue to uphold the concept of innovation and excellence, and continuously promote the progress and development of the automotive lighting industry.