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a warm and thinking innovative supplier of components system services

a warm and thinking innovative supplier of components system services

core businesses of mind involve fields such as vehicle lighting, thermal management system, electrical system and smart travel, clinging to the new trend of vehicle intelligentization and electrification. founded in 1998, it owns 22 global r&d centers, 28 production bases and over 17,000 employees globally, dedicated to providing fashionable, smart, green and safe automobile parts systematic solutions for high-end customers.

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    global r&d centers
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    production bases
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corporate culture

to be intelligent and green, guided by the pursuit of utmost excellence, to offer innovative solutions
to be customers’first choice of supplier in the field of electronic and electrical systems
intelligent connectivity comfortable drive

global layout

we converge research and development talent in electronics and appliance from around the world to create value for our customers to face the future market demands, while vigorously laying out advanced production capacity.

  • munich, germany
    munich, germany
    • max-diamand-str.7 80937 münchen germany
  • thailand luo yong
    thailand luo yong
    • broden county, broden town, 4111 / 1
  • baoding, china
    baoding, china
    • 2288, chaoyang south street, lianchi district, baoding city, hebei province
  • shanghai, china
    shanghai, china
    • block a, honghui lotus plaza, no.1308 lianhua road, minhang district, shanghai
  • paris, france
    paris, france
    • paris3-5 rue saint-georges 75009 paris
  • uk, london
    uk, london

layout of domestic companies

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    baoding branch
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    xushui branch
  • taizhou.jpg
    taizhou branch
  • rizhao.jpg
    rizhao branch
  • taiguo.jpg
    thailand branch
  • zhongqing.jpg
    chongqing branch
  • weibiaoti1.jpg
    mind intelligent drive (pizhou) factory


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  • 2006
    • mind established the intelligent transportation business unit

      continuing to delve deeper into the field of automotive intelligent products

      focus on providing users with a more comfortable driving experience

    • mind proposes low-carbon goals

      20% reduction in carbon emission intensity in 2025 compared to 2020

      37% reduction in carbon emission intensity in 2030 compared to 2020

    • establishment of the brand philosophy

      serve high-end customers with dedication

      driving future travel with new energy

      innovation due to care

    • mind's global layout

      up to now

      in 5 countries, we have established 23 sales / r&d centers and 28 factories world wide

    • mind establishes a new project team

      special research and development of 4d millimeter radar and high-definition camera to accelerate the layout of intelligent industry

    • 10 million sets of air condition off line from mind thermal system

      ① "wukong" full scene intelligent air conditioning control unit

      ② “russian doll" family heat pump system

    • establishment of a subsidiary mind germany

      providing organizational support for mind to expand overseas business

    • mind pizhou electric compressor factory signed contract
    • mind established a new business team and established a shanghai r&d center

      comprehensive layout of intelligent and electrified strategic direction, accelerating the process of globalization

    • establishment of shanghai r&d center

      starting to expand overseas business, such as thailand, europe, etc

    • many mind plants across the country have been put into operation

      mind optoelectronics chongqing factory put into operation

      mind electrical taizhou factory put into operation

    • establishment of mind optoelectronic
    • establishment of mind electrical
    • establishment of mind thermal system
    • the lighting division's car lamp production capacity is expanded to 2 million sets
    • million-level vehicle light enterprise electronics manufacturing division is put into production
    • the lighting division's production capacity reaches one million sets
    • boxiang max establishes the air conditioning division
    • the lighting division's second factory goes into production
    • tianjin factory is put into production
    • mind wiring harness's third factory goes into production
    • baoding factory is put into production
    • the lighting division is established
    • mind wiring harness expands its production capacity to 200,000 sets
    • mind wiring harness is established
    • mind wiring harness's second factory goes into production