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innovative technology-pg电子试玩

innovate for care, explore future travelling
innovative technology
starting from the perspective of users, mind developed modules of multiple modeling and sizes to satisfy the needs of multiple scenarios and emotional interaction, improving driving safety.
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    thermal system
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    electrical system
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    intelligent transportation
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      μ-light high definition projection module

      uses microled light source with imaging optical design and fully mind in-house controller to realize all-wather multi-scenarios lighting solution.

      • realize customized pedestrian and vehicle interaction in specific scenario
      • pedestrian identification function to pre-alarm against glare
      • high definition light blanket is able to indicate driving area accurately
    • minni.jpg
      miniled high definition intractive rear light

      rgb miniled technology is adopted to realize graphic display for interaction like as welcome/farewell animation and intelligent lighting signal.

      • automotive grade miniled display and controller system
      • high resolution colorful animation display to meet the needs of personalized image expression
      • platform solution design is able to provide product customization in terms of customer needs
    • 2-562.jpg
      led matrix interactive rear light

      led array is used to realize the display, providing creative space for styling, realizing newly pixelated and customized interactive content, in the end creating unique visual experience

      • support "safety assistance/ vehicle status/traffic etiquette " and other scenarios, multi-scenarios intellgent interactive lighting signal
      • to create exclusive atmosphere and sense of ceremony by personalization design
      • providing high performance, integration and cost effective solutions to our customers
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      hundred pixel adb

      offering a break-through upgrade compare to traditional adb, customizable pixels 60-100

      not only considering high beam performance but also providing multiple function extension and customization

      • one module realize lhd/rhd light pattern
      • combine the useage of low beam flat module is able to realize gb/ ece/ sae regulations
      • providing options of multiple functions like as low beam kink and welcome modes
    • 3868.jpg
      magic cube- multi-lens module

      to realize low beam, high beam, drl, position light and ambient light by freely configure multiple 20x25mm modules

      • industry-leading high/low beam module integrated with signaling functions and without clear color dispersion in cut-off line of low beam
      • it's able to customize drl lighting mode and dynamic welcome scenario
      • uses optical grade processing technology to achieve brilliant lighting appreance and surface roughness ra10nm
    • mozu.jpg
      12mm ultra-narrow high beam and low beam lighting module

      the ultra narrow outer lens design meet well of the sharp styling trend

      • 12mm aperature ultra-narrow high beam and low beam
      • configure freely in horizaontal and vertical directions
      • lumen flux: low beam 1100lm, high beam, 2200lm,  cncap> 8
      • passive cooling
    • chanpin3.jpg
      intelligent ac control system
      • r134a electrical compressor — platformized design, compatible with both high&low voltage platforms ,the displacement range covers between 27cc and 55cc. good nvh performance and wider speed range. 7 optimization innovations including inverters, motors, structures and scroll lines are involved, and 6 patents have been applied. 
      • new refrigerant electrical compressor leading technology and superior performance.
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      circular intelligent local power distribution unit
      • distribution of intelligent circular power supply for a new generation of high-order automatic driving system
      • local power distribution, redundant power supply, diagnosis and monitoring, over-voltage, under-voltage and over-current protection by proximity for local controllers, sensors and actuators.
      • single power supply network, the system does not dysfunction upon failure of looped network
      • development of e-fuse intelligent power distribution module, flexible extension, laminated design, independent heat dissipation, and size is reduced by 20%
    • 2-722.jpg
      intelligent power isolator
      • isolating protection with dual power supply of intelligent driving system
      • the power supply is isolated between basic load and safety load to warrant safety
      • development of e-fuse intelligent power distribution module, status monitoring, and microsecond-level response
      • battery status monitoring, static current management
    • 1-891.jpg
      4d point cloud imaging millimeter wave radar
      • enables automatic driving (l2 – traditional adas millimeter wave radar is upgraded to replace l2 ~l4 – to replace lidar)
      • intelligent pilot on expressway and urban roads, such as automatic driving upon traffic congestion, automatic parking
      • whole new architecture, innovative algorithms and waveform solutions, with minimal hardware are able to provide data information for each level of radar
      • cost reduced by 30%
      • resolution point cloud imaging, angle resolution is approximately is 1°, point cloud quantity is 200000 pts/s, rivals lidar
    • 2-866.jpg
      2m/3m pixels fisheye camera
      • cob: innovative on-board application of mobile technology, compared to bga/csp, the product is miniaturized, heat dissipation performance is good, and cost of chip is low
      • otp: improves imaging effect and image quality
      • laser welding: investment cost is low, saving waterproofing washer and screws
    • 3-405.jpg
      8m pixels adas camera
      • cob: innovative on-board application of mobile technology to realize product miniaturization, optimize heat dissipation performance of the module , and lower the cost of chip
      • otp: improve imaging effect and image quality
      • internal parameter calibration: improving accuracy of calibration is beneficial to accuracy of calibration algorithms of rear end
      • double 6-axial aa process: leading technology can improve accuracy of products and the products are more competitive
research and development team
globalized research and development layout, professional research and development team
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    r&d group
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    talents with high professional titles
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    r & d experience
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    r & d patents
innovative cooperation
coordinate innovative ecology, in-depth production-learning-research cooperation
  • pg电子试玩 pg电子试玩
  • pg电子试玩 pg电子试玩
  • pg电子试玩 pg电子试玩
  • pg电子试玩 pg电子试玩
  • pg电子试玩 pg电子试玩
  • pg电子试玩 pg电子试玩
quality assurance
we own advanced and complete inspection and testing equipment, online visual inspection and spc control equipment, have passed system certifications such as iso14001, iso45001, iso17025 and iatf16949
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    light distribution curve test system
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    comprehensive performance test of heat pump air conditioner
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    lighting system detection
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    automatic detection of finished air conditioners
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    automated production line
customized development
flexible independent research and development model, supporting multi-dimensional high-efficiency innovation
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