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provide comfortable, environmental friendly, intelligent and differentiated thermal system solutions for global customers

five major systems of thermal management of engine, thermal management of crew compartment, thermal management of battery, thermal management of new energy, and electronic parts cover four categories of automotive air-conditioner, cooling of power system, battery cooler and thermal management control module, with independent research and development, and global industrial layout.

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  • new energy system

  • cabin thermal management system

  • engine thermal management system

    • new energy system
    • cabin thermal management system
    • engine thermal management system
    new energy system

    it is dedicated to thermal management of new energy vehicles. “matreshka” family heat pump system development concept, differentiated solutions of system and parts and iteration and optimization of core technology assist full-vehicle energy consumption and optimum low temperature endurance mileage.

    customization requirements
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      electric compressor
    • x2.svg
      heat pump air-conditioning system
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      cooling of fast charger of battery
    • shuilenglengningqi.svg
      water condenser
    • shiwaihuanreqi.svg
      outdoor heat exchanger
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    • jichengmokuai.svg
      integrated module
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      electric compressor
    • weibiaoti1.jpg
      heat pump air-conditioning system
    • kuaichonglengque.jpg
      cooling of fast charger of battery
    • shuilenglengningqi.jpg
      water condenser
    • shiwaihuanreqi.jpg
      outdoor heat exchanger
    • lengningqi.jpg
    • jichengmokuai.jpg
      integrated module
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      full-vehicle management
      thermal management of new energy vehicles such as heat pump system, cooling of fast charger of battery and electrical compressor
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      high-efficiency performance
      reliable operation at low temperature -18℃, high energy efficiency, low power consumption, and rapid temperature drop from high temperature
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      lower anxiety over endurance
      “matreshka” type architecture, modular, applicability, expandability design and high heat exchange efficiency
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      energy-saving and environmental protection
      build specially for new energy, respond to double carbon strategy from the perspective of technology & products
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      advanced core parts
      electric compressor, platform design, cover 27-55cc displacement, support high voltage platform, high efficiency, low noise, light weight and broad rotation speed range
    cabin thermal management system

    integrated comprehensive management improves thermal management environment and ensures functions of thermal management electronic parts to maintain the optimum work temperature range and improve overall energy utilization efficiency of the vehicle.

    customization requirements
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      inner condenser
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      inner condenser
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      light weight
      platform design, small volume and high energy, high-efficiency operation
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      energy saving and environmental friendly
      split type hvac, energy saving and noise reduction, noise reduction by 5db
    • b1icon10.svg
      high compatibility
      satisfy performance requirements of vehicle models of different classes
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      multiple sceneries
      health and comfort as the design concept, integrate sterilization and mosquito repellent and other functions
    engine thermal management system

    high-efficiency operation, integrated management, small volume and light weight constantly improve thermal efficiency and generality, and satisfy thermal management requirements of the entire vehicle.

    customization requirements
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    • f3.svg
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      cooling module
    • f8.svg
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      water cooled intercooler
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      cooling module
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    • 1.jpg
      water cooled intercooler
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      strong generality
      multi-use of one product, provide flexible design pertaining to different customer needs
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      small volume/light weight
      platform design realizes reduction of weight along with warranting efficiency
    • b1icon14.svg
      assembly efficiency
      modular supply improves assembly efficiency of the entire vehicle
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      18 years
      polishing of experience, holdings in air-conditioning market exceed 10 million.
    provide comfortable, environmental friendly and intelligent thermal system solutions

    research and development field covers thermal management of engine, thermal management of crew compartment, thermal management of battery, thermal management of new energy, electronic parts, and user experience of products.

    application to vehicle models

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      gwm poer
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      international / joint venture customers
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